Festive Feast: Sage and Thyme Roast Turkey


Scoring high on our delish scale is Alan Leonetti’s Sage & Thyme Roast Turkey recipe, perfect for a classic festive feast this year

1 whole turkey
4 tablespoons butter
chicken broth
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons ground black pepper
1 tablespoon onion powder
2 tablespoons garlic powder, granulated
1 tablespoon dried tarragon
1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoon sage
2 tablespoons paprika


1. Remove giblets from both cavities at both ends and set aside. Rinse the bird inside and out and pat dry with paper towel.
2. Place a rack into a large roasting pan,and then place the turkey onto the rack with the breast and legs up.
3. Mix all of the seasonings, except the paprika, together with the butter.
4. Place your hand between the skin and the flesh from the rear of the turkey and slide a palm full of butter and seasoning mixture in between the skin and flesh.
5. Then place a glob of butter into the palm of your hand and generously rub the entire turkey with the butter. Generously sprinkle the entire bird with salt, freshly ground black pepper, onion powder, granulated garlic powder, tarragon, parsley flakes, thyme, basil and paprika. Pour about 1/4 to 1/2 of chicken broth in the bottom of the roasting pan, being careful not to wash any of the seasonings off the turkey.
6. Completely tent the turkey with aluminum foil and place into a preheated oven for about 1 1/2 hours. Remove the foil tent and wrap foil around the legs and wings.
7. Baste the turkey and return it to the oven for the remainder of the cooking time
8. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the turkey.
9. NOTE: I always cook my turkey unstuffed.
10. I place my stuffing into baking dishes to bake.
11. During the last 10 or 15 minutes of cooking, increase temperature to get more browning, but watch it carefully, as you do not want to burn it or dry it out.

via food.com

Happy Holidays

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Best of: Xmas Table Dressing Ideas


You got to admit, Xmas is as much about the food as it is about family, prezzies and general merriment. Well it is for us anyway. After a long and demanding year, we can throw caution to the wind and simply indulge in all the seasonal goodies that make Xmas such a special time of year. Now for foodies, nothing says “it’s Xmas!” like a stunning Xmas themed table, strategically decorated to get you eating more and drinking loads more! Here are our top selected Table Dressing Ideas….something for everyone!

First Up Contemporary – keeping it light and modern!


Jewel Tones – striking colours and a feast for the eyes!


Wintery Blues – subdued colours with a romantic note…best for grown-ups!


Fresh! Crisp, clean and so inviting…


Quirky…yeah go on and have some fun!


Happy Xmas Decorating Folks!!!


Top Festive Shopping Tips


It’s that time of the year when we relinquish all shopping related guilt and delight in all the wonderful goodies on offer. From clothing to food to gifting and beauty, absolutely anything goes and can you blame us? Our world is transformed into one magnificent mega-mall and we are at their mercy.

The best we can do is try be as savvy as we can when we go about our festive shopping. What we all want are the best gifts at the best offer so here are some tips we’ve selected to get you shopping smarter:

Top Festive Shopping Tips:

#Tip1 Plan your spending. Make a list. Avoid impulse buying.

#Tip 2 Shop alone. Other people will only help you fill your shopping trolley.

#Tip 3 Check the entire store for specials, promotions and alternatives.

#Tip 4 Get to know your favorite store’s staff. You will get a lot better service.

#Tip 5 To avoid the crowds, do not shop after work, on pay day or just before the holidays.

Happy Shopping!