19 Truly Clever Storage Ideas You Can Actually Use


Keeping it clean just got a whole lot easier! Source: Real Simple > http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/organizing/storage-ideas

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Colour Confidential – 6 Bright Items To Liven Up Your Space

colour confid

Acid tones and sunny hues have never been more popular! These gorgeous yummy-gummy colours are taking over our home styling choices in a big way, whether it’s adding just a pop of colour or our complete surrender to a vivid scheme, here’s the proof that bright colours work wonders on any style of decor:

1. Ronel Jordaan’s Floral Cushion showcases vivid colours and luxurious textures to make a style statement in any space
2. Nest-Homegrown Elephant Magazine Racks give your space an afro-chic vibe with a fun twist
3. Nawaaz Saldulker Sunny Side Up Stool adds a punch of contemporary appeal to your living space
4. John Catlin Designs Pink on Blue Sunflower Scatter Cushion gives your space the most delightful vibrant feel
5. 6th element decor Citrus Echo Ottoman is refreshingly stylish and instantly adds an urban chic to any space
6. Shaw Sisters Coloured Utensil Set adds a playful and contemporary element to your kitchen

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5 Cool Things You Should Do This Weekend

b 5 things

Break free of the eminent  winter chills and head out this weekend for some fun & cultural persuasion – here’s what some style hunters in SA will be doing this weekend:

#1 Get a fix of Jackman-Fassbender-McAvoy hotness! (yes please!) Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past – releases in cinemas Friday 23 May 2014
#2 Make yourself a “Gour-me” Burger! That’s a gourmet burger made any way you like it. Yip, if peanut butter, chicken fillet, avo & hot sauce sound good, then go for it! Who knows, you may even create a Michelin-Star-Worthy feast & attain Celebrity Chef status?!?
#3 Take in some Art Inspo! First up – Visualizing the Creative Process by Swany. In the exhibition, Swany, who has recently completed a visual arts degree, presents a record of this four-year journey as student artist 05 May 14 to 24 May 14 ArtSPACE Durban
Alternatively in JHB, Da Vinci – The Genius. The world of Leonardo da Vinci is coming to Gauteng audiences in a wide-ranging and thought-provoking exhibition showcasing the Renaissance giant’s breadth of talent, wisdom and ideas. 02 April 14 to 22 June 14 The Amazing Place
#4 Hit the Markets (on an empty stomach)! International cuisine is going down at the V&A Market on the Wharf, from Bavarian Nuts and Danish Hot Dogs, Taiwanese Dim Sum to Traditional Transylvanian Hungarian Chimney Cakes, there is a plethora of tantalising foods plus all the local favourites too
#5 Rest Your Bon-Bons Around a Bonfire! Toast marshmallows, drink wine & enjoy good living at Cellar Rats Port & Red Wine Festival 25 May 14 The Old Mill, JHB http://www.winefestival.co.za

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4 Kinds of Mums – A Whole Lotta Gift Ideas

home mum

1. The Homebody Mum – Home is her favourite place to be! You can always pop by for a visit because she will be happily potting around the house or garden. She loves good quality timeless things that are dear to her and family time is the most precious time. Spoil your Homebody Mum with these top picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Ronel Jordaan Hand Felted Wool Throws –  shop online, with free delivery >
2. Go West Table Lamp – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Andy C Vibe Coasters – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Shaw Sisters Utensil Set – shop online with free delivery > 

mod mum

2. The Modern Mum – Always stylish and loves keeping up with the latest trends. She covets contemporary wares that are expressive and beautiful. She spends all her free time reading glossy magazines or browsing gorgeous stuff on Pinterest at the local coffee shop. The Modern Mum would be super pleased with these chic picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Korol Fruit Bowl – shop online with free delivery > 
2. Nest-Homegrown Stay Bookends – shop online with free delivery > 
3. 6th element decor Papua Wall Canvas – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Moleskine Tote Bag – shop online with free delivery > 

craft mum

3. The Crafty Mum – Visiting markets and street fairs is The Crafty Mum’s favourite past-time as she is always on the lookout for amazing local wares and artisanal goods. She loves to surround herself with friends, family and beautifully crafted pieces that tell a story. Delight your Crafty Mum with these awesome picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Nest-Homegrown We Heart Scatter Cushion – shop online with free delivery > 
2. Shaw Sisters Chino Clock – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Ronel Jordaan Daisy Stool – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Ronel Jordaan Bowls – shop online with free delivery > 

food mum

4. The Foodie Mum – The ultimate hostess who lives to entertain. Every meal is an occasion and an evening spent with good food and good people is absolute bliss. She loves the challenge of a new recipe and always has the most delectable goodies in the kitchen. Treat your Foodie Mum to these lovely gifts: (pictured above from left)

1. Homewood Biltong Slicer – shop online with free delivery > 
2. 6th element decor Chalkboard Speech Box Placemat – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Andy C Cake Slice – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Homewood Pizza Board – shop online with free delivery > 
5. John Catlin Green on White Sunflower Napkins – shop online with free delivery > 
6. Andy C Wine Stopper – shop online with free delivery > 

Wishing all you stunning mums a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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Top 3 Home Decor Displays

designer diplay

Thoughtfully placed decorative displays easily transform your home into supremely stylish spaces. In most cases, a well chosen display piece is all you need to give a space the wow factor. Here are our Top 3 Home Decor Displays from South African designer Ronel Jordaan

  1. Draw instant attention to your home with these artfully crafted Ronel Jordaan Sheep Sculptures. Designed to mimic the beauty of nature, these pieces will be the highlight of any home! 
  2. Inspired by nature and crafted to perfection, these Ronel Jordaan Nests add a playful contemporary look to your space that is totally unique and eye catching! 
  3. Adding a hint of luxury to your home, these beautifully crafted wool Ronel Jordaan Bowls are a celebration of colour and texture that adds an irresistible luxe quality to your home

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#Trend: Paying Tribute

Not so much “The Hunger Games” tribute instead here’s a trend with a deeper underlying notion that addresses the ‘fake-fatigue’ we all deal with today. Fake icons, contrived stardom and synthetic substitutes have created a need to balance out the virtual world with something of substance. Cue a rise in popularity of  tributes to significant events, people, places and culture. From Starbucks “Tribute Blend” to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary to a deck of cards called “Cardazine” that pays tribute to popular holiday spots around the world, this is a trend that gives us a good dose of nostalgia and realism. Our favourite is the Seven Hotel in Paris with a suite dedicated to the famous James Bond fictional spy series






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Folded Book Bouquets by Shaw Sisters

Product Rating:
Unique: ★★★★★
Eye Catching: ★★★★
Eco-conscious: ★★★★★
On-trend: Designer Crafted Decor

Exquisitely crafted to bring a unique & original decorative touch to your home, these Folded Book Flowers by Shaw Sisters are the ultimate bouquet for design lovers! Made from recycled books, they have been part of the Tatham Art Gallery’s exhibition of contemporary KZN craft which is a major accolade for local design and a great way to support local craft. Add them to your home for a distinctly novel feel that remains ever stylish and unspoiled – shop now  with free delivery!

shaw flowers


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Black Desert Beauty by Marc Atlan and Oller Pejic

It should stand out like a sore thumb but the Black Desert House sprawls out into the Joshua Tree National Park in California like an intriguing mountainous shadow. Designed by Marc Atlan and Oller Pejic Architects, the desert retreat is enveloped in stark black walls, anthracite and midnight-quartz finishes in mesmerising strong contrast to the sandy surroundings and the result is beautiful. Offering spectacular views of the desert terrain, this home is perfectly designed into the desert landscape



















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Flat “Representations” by Cynthia Greig

It’s interesting to see how the flat trend will change our perceptions as we move from a photo-realism era to basic forms. This is artfully captured in Cynthia Greig’s “Representations” project where she “explores the concept of photographic truth and its correspondence to perceived reality.” Everyday objects are whitewashed and then outlined with charcoal to create visual hybrids that appear to blur drawing and photography, black-and-white and color – no digital manipulation is involved and the result…. wonderfully intriguing













via faithistorment

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