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A must-have trick to keep up your sleeve for staying stylish is combining savvy storage into your home. Let’s face it, only what really deserves to be on display should be seen around your space. These everyday heroes provide essential storage for those items you don’t want seen yet they are decorative enough to mix in seamlessly with the rest of your home decor making them totally neat-freak approved!

1. Home Deco Illusion Book Shelf – the Illusion Book Shelf blends clever design with modern aesthetic to create a sculptural feature when viewed from one side and a bookshelf from the other
2. Nawaaz Saldulker Shelf Light – the Shelf Light is a playful and versatile standing lamp that combines an ergonomic shelf to store or display small items around the home
3. Nest-Homegrown Magazine Racks – ultra cool magazine holders in assorted designs & colours add a touch of contemporary style to any living space

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Colour Confidential – 6 Bright Items To Liven Up Your Space

colour confid

Acid tones and sunny hues have never been more popular! These gorgeous yummy-gummy colours are taking over our home styling choices in a big way, whether it’s adding just a pop of colour or our complete surrender to a vivid scheme, here’s the proof that bright colours work wonders on any style of decor:

1. Ronel Jordaan’s Floral Cushion showcases vivid colours and luxurious textures to make a style statement in any space
2. Nest-Homegrown Elephant Magazine Racks give your space an afro-chic vibe with a fun twist
3. Nawaaz Saldulker Sunny Side Up Stool adds a punch of contemporary appeal to your living space
4. John Catlin Designs Pink on Blue Sunflower Scatter Cushion gives your space the most delightful vibrant feel
5. 6th element decor Citrus Echo Ottoman is refreshingly stylish and instantly adds an urban chic to any space
6. Shaw Sisters Coloured Utensil Set adds a playful and contemporary element to your kitchen

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4 Kinds of Mums – A Whole Lotta Gift Ideas

home mum

1. The Homebody Mum – Home is her favourite place to be! You can always pop by for a visit because she will be happily potting around the house or garden. She loves good quality timeless things that are dear to her and family time is the most precious time. Spoil your Homebody Mum with these top picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Ronel Jordaan Hand Felted Wool Throws –  shop online, with free delivery >
2. Go West Table Lamp – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Andy C Vibe Coasters – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Shaw Sisters Utensil Set – shop online with free delivery > 

mod mum

2. The Modern Mum – Always stylish and loves keeping up with the latest trends. She covets contemporary wares that are expressive and beautiful. She spends all her free time reading glossy magazines or browsing gorgeous stuff on Pinterest at the local coffee shop. The Modern Mum would be super pleased with these chic picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Korol Fruit Bowl – shop online with free delivery > 
2. Nest-Homegrown Stay Bookends – shop online with free delivery > 
3. 6th element decor Papua Wall Canvas – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Moleskine Tote Bag – shop online with free delivery > 

craft mum

3. The Crafty Mum – Visiting markets and street fairs is The Crafty Mum’s favourite past-time as she is always on the lookout for amazing local wares and artisanal goods. She loves to surround herself with friends, family and beautifully crafted pieces that tell a story. Delight your Crafty Mum with these awesome picks: (pictured above from left)

1. Nest-Homegrown We Heart Scatter Cushion – shop online with free delivery > 
2. Shaw Sisters Chino Clock – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Ronel Jordaan Daisy Stool – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Ronel Jordaan Bowls – shop online with free delivery > 

food mum

4. The Foodie Mum – The ultimate hostess who lives to entertain. Every meal is an occasion and an evening spent with good food and good people is absolute bliss. She loves the challenge of a new recipe and always has the most delectable goodies in the kitchen. Treat your Foodie Mum to these lovely gifts: (pictured above from left)

1. Homewood Biltong Slicer – shop online with free delivery > 
2. 6th element decor Chalkboard Speech Box Placemat – shop online with free delivery > 
3. Andy C Cake Slice – shop online with free delivery > 
4. Homewood Pizza Board – shop online with free delivery > 
5. John Catlin Green on White Sunflower Napkins – shop online with free delivery > 
6. Andy C Wine Stopper – shop online with free delivery > 

Wishing all you stunning mums a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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Ombre Interior by Ramy Fischler

The art of blending colours is as fashionable as ever, owing to the fabulous ombre finishes we see popping up across the world of fashion, beauty and now interior design. Ramy Fishchler has successfully transcended the ombre effect in the revival of the Place de Colombie apartment in Paris, where we see art, craft and grand design fuse with a unique approach to creating a subtle yet striking interior.





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Magnetic Flat-pack Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

Say hello to a new era in flat-pack furniture. It’s a time to bid farewell to screws, fasteners & Allen keys and get accustomed to new phrases like MAG – Magnetic Assisted Geometry. Benjamin Vermeulen has designed a range of furniture that simply snaps together with super-strong magnets. The furniture range is made of sheet steel and solid wood, with magnets in the wooden parts allowing each piece to be assembled in minutes without tools. The furniture can be assembled and disassembled with ease many times over without losing its initial structural integrity, meaning it’s fine to take it apart when moving house and storing etc. Really excited about this development in furniture design – well done Benjamin!






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When Squiggles Come to Life

Fabulously imaginative! Rough-looking draft sketches have been turned into real pieces of furniture by art student Daigo Fukawa for his 2013 senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts. On viewing the collection, aptly titled “Rough Sketch Products”, they appear as 2-D renderings but have been brought to life, quite literally with the most captivating result







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Places and Spaces: QT Gold Coast Hotel, Queensland

Everything about the QT Gold Coast Hotel exudes holiday spirit. Designed by Nic Graham + Associates, the seaside hotel is expertly curated with ultra-cool furnishings,  the most delicious vibrant colour palette and ocean or mountain/river views. We are sure it will go down well with fashionable crowds, see for yourself…













via QT Gold Coast

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Play-ful with Your Food

Designer Boggy Chan has created this furniture series of ‘sweeties’ inspired by sweets typically made from flour and dough into a real-life furniture. Featuring a cupcake stool and biscuit table, the yummy items are sweet to look at, constructed mainly from sustainable polyurethane and designed for comfort too. So if you’re anything like Alice and dreamt of a cake filled Wonderland, you’re in for a real treat…





Some concept drawings….Park


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