5 Cool Things You Should Do This Weekend

b 5 things

Break free of the eminent  winter chills and head out this weekend for some fun & cultural persuasion – here’s what some style hunters in SA will be doing this weekend:

#1 Get a fix of Jackman-Fassbender-McAvoy hotness! (yes please!) Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past – releases in cinemas Friday 23 May 2014
#2 Make yourself a “Gour-me” Burger! That’s a gourmet burger made any way you like it. Yip, if peanut butter, chicken fillet, avo & hot sauce sound good, then go for it! Who knows, you may even create a Michelin-Star-Worthy feast & attain Celebrity Chef status?!?
#3 Take in some Art Inspo! First up – Visualizing the Creative Process by Swany. In the exhibition, Swany, who has recently completed a visual arts degree, presents a record of this four-year journey as student artist 05 May 14 to 24 May 14 ArtSPACE Durban
Alternatively in JHB, Da Vinci – The Genius. The world of Leonardo da Vinci is coming to Gauteng audiences in a wide-ranging and thought-provoking exhibition showcasing the Renaissance giant’s breadth of talent, wisdom and ideas. 02 April 14 to 22 June 14 The Amazing Place
#4 Hit the Markets (on an empty stomach)! International cuisine is going down at the V&A Market on the Wharf, from Bavarian Nuts and Danish Hot Dogs, Taiwanese Dim Sum to Traditional Transylvanian Hungarian Chimney Cakes, there is a plethora of tantalising foods plus all the local favourites too
#5 Rest Your Bon-Bons Around a Bonfire! Toast marshmallows, drink wine & enjoy good living at Cellar Rats Port & Red Wine Festival 25 May 14 The Old Mill, JHB http://www.winefestival.co.za

Stay Stylish!

Xo Team Scoop


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