Star appetizers – Apéro des Stars

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It’s easy to add chic to your holiday preparations.

Have you tried some of the luxury items they sell? Truffle oil, dehydrated mushrooms, foie gras… Was it worth the money? (I love foie gras) But here are some food parings that will be as economical as they are gourmet: everything you need to add a refined touch without blowing your budget. For example make your smoked salmon go further by serving it in a green salad with grapefruit and avocado. Or serve smaller portions of foie gras layered with puréed celery root and roasted chestnuts…A true delicacy!
tartine saumon bettravePure Elegance – puréed celeryroot, juliened beets, smoked salmon, shallots, capers, parsley. Simultaneously a heart healthy choice and a gorgeous splash of color.

Ajoutez du « chic » à vos préparations culinaires

Huile et sel aromatisés à la truffe, cèpes ou morilles déshydratés, copeaux de foie gras… Vous avez déjà essayé ? Prisés des gourmets, ces « alliés »…

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