Sushi Cupcakes

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the vegetarian ginger

I’m a big fan of sushi. Each year I always try to make really creative cupcakes for my boyfriend’s birthday (I baked them into ice cream cones, decorated Mario Bros themed ones) but I think this one (I’m so sorry for this pun) takes the cake (I’m sorry).

These were probably some of the most difficult but rewarding cupcakes I’ve ever made. I made them a long time ago, I’m not sure why I never created a post for them but here it is. Apologies in advance for the lack of step-to-step photos—I’m hoping that the methodology is detailed enough that it all makes sense.

I got this recipe from a French blog entitled La Casserole Carrée and if you’re not French-speaking, the translation may be a little hard to follow. Since I grew up learning French I had an easier time, but I must admit it’s pretty rusty.


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