Freshly Made Eton Mess – Quick and Easy!

This recipe is great if you want to make something quick but delicious! Take a look at my version of the lovely Eton Mess dessert, you won’t be disappointed.  In this recipe I’m using shop bought meringue nests, however feel free to make your own….although this will add to the cooking time and may defeat the point of a quick dessert.

P1020595              P1020594222

Serves 4-6.


2 to 3 Digestive biscuits (crushed)

4 Meringue nests (broken down)

150 grams of fresh Strawberries

150 grams of mixed berries

450 grams of Double cream (whipped)

1-2 ripe passion fruit (optional)

3-4 table spoons of sugar

For the sauce:  Put the mixed berries in a pot with the sugar (if need be, add more or less sugar depending on how sweet/sour the berries are) and warm on a gentle heat.  You should see the juices from the berries…

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