Bannock Bread: The Best Sandwich You’ve Ever Had.

No Thyme to Waste




This is the most satisfying sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Period.

There are three reasons for this satisfaction. One being: it’s an incredibly tasty combination of sandwich-worthy ingredients. The second being: I made the bread myself. And third being: this wild salmon was not only sent to me by my family in British Columbia, but it was caught and candied by them as well.

Sandwich with sentimental value? Yes.

It’s days like this, where I have only a 24 hour period off from work and where I have a giant list of things I should be getting done, that I usually end up doing nothing very productive with my day. It’s these days where the should do’s are such an endless list, that I almost always decide not to do a single thing from said list at all. So today- I hopped the subway uptown to Michael’s to…

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